Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

The Journey of Plants

Gaja Mežnarič Osole and Andrej Koruza
Workshop on the scenarios of import of invasive peregrine plants with stamps
workshop for children 7+
ticket 4,00Eur
parallel event of opening exhibition  Saša Spačal: Plastic_ity


Children listen to a story that explains the history and means of import of invasive peregrine plants and use stamps to illustrate what they heard. The storyteller presents different agents of plant import, from curious scientist that brought exotic plants into botanical gardens from their journeys, to excavators, roads, and cargo ships that help to distribute these plants today, even if they lack legs. The motives that are depicted on the stamps are made from the wood of invasive black locust. The artworks on the paper from Japanese knotweed help foster the awareness of intensive globalisation and urbanisation that promote the propagation of invasive peregrine plants.