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Summer Reading I Katja Čičigoj on Donna Haraway

Summer Reading I Katja Čičigoj: Regenerating the future without reproducing it: Donna Haraway’s nature-cultural, multi-species kinship

The text in pdf can be found here.

The text was written and translated by Katja Čičigoj at Maska Journal nb. 196-197.


Katja Čičigoj reflects and contextualizes the documentary movie by Fabrizio Terranova’s film Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival that draws its inspiration mostly from Donna Haraway’s last work – her book Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Anthropocene, published in 2016. In what follows, I will try to unravel some conceptual knots, central to Donna Haraway’s work, which may enable us to follow particularly those threads that lead to the understanding of her contribution to imagining different ways of creating communities or “kinship”, with implications also for contemporary ecological thought. I will also point at the way we may understand the formal structure and some motifs of the film in dialogue with some of Haraway’s most recognizable forms of thinking, which draw our attention to the “troubles” with which we should, as Haraway says, “stay” in order to think them through together.

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