Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Simon Macuh Ice Planets 2, workshop for children (7+)

multidisciplinary workshop for children (7+)
Saturday, 9 March, at noon (12.00)

The first workshop Ice planets was focused on the study of ice as sculptural material that can be changed with chiselling, sawing, breaking, crushing, melting, and other means of finishing. By changing the surface, we created diverse landscapes and observed the processes and consequences of reshaping of planets. The current workshop will also offer sound experience besides the sculptural skills. Besides the already mentioned procedures and processes, we will also be interested in the type of sound, recorded by different types of microphones and how well do they function when surrounded by ice balls? What types of sound can the microphones record when they are stuck in ice ball and what types of sound when they break loose, either by melting or breaking. Children will learn about the basic laws of physic and together with the workshop leader, they will think about the commonalities and differences between process on Earth and the rest of the universe. For conclusion, we will use recorded sounds to create a musical model of a planetary system.

We will work with ice, water, microphones, mixing table, sound system, recording device and other things at the workshop. The workshop will take place outside if the conditions permit it, so children should wear appropriate clothing.