Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Robertina ŠEBJANIČ: Line |  +1233m  –1233m

exhibition / 13 Apr – 18 May 2023
Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana


live sound event / Thursday, 17 Nov 2022, at 20:30
installation / 17 – 18 Nov 2022
part of Parallel soundscapes
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

This time the work of Robertina ŠEBJANIČ rises above sea level in a vertical line from the depths of the sea, which represent her multi-year oeuvre. The sound work and the installation combine a cross section of the sea’s influence in a vertical band deep below and above the horizon. A text by Lena ORTEGA that will accompany the work was also published in booklet form. You can get read the text here.

Photo: Robertina ŠEBJANIČ, CONA archive.

The artist wrote about her work:

According to the Renaissance mathematician Evangelista Torricelli, the discoverer of atmospheric pressure, “We live submerged at the bottom of an ocean of air, which is known by irrefutable experiments to have weight.” The atmosphere is the ocean and the ocean is the atmosphere, with its turbulence, presence and microclimate.

The sonority of the deep sea, in the pressure, atmospheres that our body cannot reach, unknown sonorities are handed over to us. The work questions the acoustics of the atmosphere at a point –1,233 m deep in the Adriatic Sea and climbs through the sound barrier to 1,233 meters above sea level.

The audio-visual narrative talks about our (dis)connection with the water situation, the aquaforming that is happening due to our industrialisation of seascapes deep below the decks of our ships.

Robertina ŠEBJANIČ is an artist whose work explores the biological, (geo)political and cultural realities of aquatic environments and the impact of humanity on other organisms. Her projects call for the development of empathetic strategies aimed at recognising the other (non-human) species. In her analysis of the Anthropocene and its theoretical framework, the artist uses the terms “aquatocene” and “aquaforming” to refer to the human impact on aquatic environments. Her works received awards and nominations at Prix Ars Electronica, Starts Prize, Falling Walls.

She exhibited / performed at solo and group exhibitions as well as in galleries and festivals: Ars electronica Linz, Kosmica festival_ Laboratorio Arte Alameda_Mexico City, La Gaîté Lyrique_ Paris, Le Cube_Paris, MONOM_ CTM Berlin, Art Laboratory Berlin, ZKM_Karlsruhe, re:publica_Berlin, Mladi Levi_Ljubljana, Centro de Cultura Digita_ Mexico City, Piksel_Bergen, OSMO/ZA_Ljubljana, Device art 5.015 at Klovičevi dvori_Zagreb, Eastern Bloc_Montreal, Eyebeam_New York, PORTIZMIR#3_ Izmir, Kiblix festival_Maribor, Spektrum_Berlin, KIKK festival_ Namur, +MSUM (Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova)_Ljubljana and more….

Lena ORTEGA ATRISTAIN (aka Leena Lee) is a sound artist, researcher, designer, and teacher with a master’s degree in Visual Arts and a Ph.D. in Art History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Her doctoral studies focused on contemporary art that works with nature/natural phenomena as a medium, where she approaches these constructions from the context of atmosphere and the embodied experience of nature. She has more than a decade of specialisation in nature/culture relations in practice-based research, primarily with Arte+Ciencia, an interdisciplinary research group at UNAM that works in the intercrossing of art, science, and humanities.

Artist: Robertina ŠEBJANIČ
A.I. video sound programming: Tanja MINARIK
Object manufacturing: David DROLC
Expert advisors: dr. Alenka MALEJ, dr. Matjaž LIČER; Gjino ŠUTIĆ (UR Institute); dr. Marijana HURE in dr. Valter KOZUL (Institute for Marine and Coastal Research, University of Dubrovnik)
Text: Lena ORTEGA
Translation and proof reading: Melita SILIČ
Producer: Irena PIVKA
Images: Robertina ŠEBJANIČ
Public relations: Matej TOMAŽIN
Production: Cona za galerijo Steklenik, 2022
Coorganiser: Kino Šiška
Venue: Kino Šiška