Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

OR poiesis: KISETSU Quarry

14 Sep–15 Nov 2019
Exhibition of 8-channel sound installation

14 Sep 2019 at noon (12.00 pm), Saturday exhibition opening and guided tour
17 Sep 2019 at 8.00 p.m., live sound event
9 Nov 2019 at noon (12.00 pm) – artist talk

Photo: Petra Kapš

A person might live with the belief that advanced technology induces life without meaning and out of sync with the cosmos, but our bodies demonstrate that this is certainly not the case. The sensual, material and discernible link with the world shifts us to the deep border of cognition. For several years, the artist OR poiesis has been engaged in an acoustic and poetic study of an abandoned quarry. At the core of the sound composition, we find stone, silence, the poetics of space and the acoustics of a certain place in an expanded, cyclical time, spanning several years. The echo of the stone garden is unburdened with the pace of change that could be forced by the need for monetisation. Precisely stone connects the human with the ancient, authentic, cosmic elements of the world. The intent is to amplify the vibrational qualities of the stone, transfer them into the human hearing range and integrate them as an interactive sound-frequency field that resonates with a listener’s body and consciousness. The artist is interested in the behaviour of different material and biomorphic fields as well as their interference.

In the broad oeuvre of her own artistic practice, OR poiesis explores the modalities of silences and the potentialities that are offered by silent, frequently exploited environments to listen to subtle acoustic qualities of substances and the voice. In the past years, she has significantly contributed to the development of interactive, sound and performative art practices. Her sound works document solitudes.

OR poiesis is an artist and researcher in the field of sound, sound perception and poetic performance. She expands the word into the sonorous spheres of time-space poetry. Besides all of the digital dimensions, her central interest is the physical presence of the body.


Artist: OR poiesis
Technical consulting: Andrej Hrvatin
Introduction: Petra Kapš
Organisation: Jasmina Založnik
Curation: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Translation and Proofreading: Urban Belina
Production: Cona, 2019
Supported by: Ministry of Culture RS, Municipality of Ljubljana – Cultural Department, Municipality of Maribor