Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

OR poiesis: Furīfōru / fluvial

Live sound event
Part of the 29th International Festival of Computer Arts
Sunday, 8 Oct 2023, at 19:00
Vetrinjski dvor

Photo: Petra KAPŠ.

Furīfōru / fluvial seeks to capture the ecstatic feeling of floating in the spheric music of waterfalls. The cascading descent of water, its dispersion, and the resonant interplay of water molecules against stone create an enduring allure, an uninterrupted zenith devoid of time, a captivating vibrational expanse that elevates beings. The relationship between gravity and floating serves as the primary inspiration for this composition. It delves into the essence of bodies, encompassing their diverse rhythms – water, minerals, and the atmosphere. Our presence is transient, akin to guests within an intricately woven cosmic organism. Resonance profoundly shapes our existence, entwined with temporal asynchrony. The fluid and mineral forms coalesce through breath (atmo-), existing both within and outside the confines of the observable. The work is created utilizing the author’s original performative field recordings of waterfalls and rocks (captured over the span of 2012 to 2023 in the areas of: the Šumik and Skalce waterfalls in Pohorje, the Veli Vir waterfall in Slovenian Istria, the Nadiža river, and others, recordings of the stone instrument KAMIsTONE). The focus of the sound processing is on the search for frequency resonance and fluvial composition. Furīfōru / fluvial was premiered by the artist as part of The Vienna Acousmonium festival at Kino Šiška in Ljubljana (March 2023), produced by CONA Ljubljana and Thomas Gorbach & The Vienna Acousmonium.

Photo: Matej Tomažin and Andraž Fijavž Bačovnik, CONA archive.

OR poiesis (a.k.a. Petra KAPŠ) is an artist and researcher in the field of bio- and geo-acoustics, hydroacoustics, auditory perception, interactive sound performance in concrete, acoustic space and digitally augmented reality, web transmission and art radio. Her work weaves between the art of sound, radio, space-time poetry, performance and photography. She extends the word, her primary medium, into the sonorous spheres of space-time poetry. She develops a performative practice of field recording, explores and enacts the possibilities of the author’s radio space, and focuses on the aurality of spatialized memory and temporal wells. Alongside all digital dimensions, the physical presence of the body is central. Her sound works record _solitudes_. In recent years, she has made a significant contribution to the development of interactive, sonic and performative art practices. Her experimentation and development of location-based media in relation to the auditory sensory system and the development of topographic sound archives, articulating subtle interventions in public space, and exploring memory and remembering, highlighted through sound, sensation and perception, in the dynamic between the ancient and the contemporary, are important. She works in Slovenian and international environments. She is a founding member of CENSE (Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies) and a member of JATA C and the collective.