Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

katrinem: BesenBallett

Friday, 29 Sep, at 14:00

Social sculpture, 20 min
Saturday, 30 Sep, at 11:00
Ljubljana Town Hall

Photo: Katrin Emler.

BesenBallett acts as a social sculpture. As such, it creates new dialogues with its day-to-day urban spaces for performers and listeners in a shared experience.

Brooms are everyday objects and global cultural assets. Each “broomtype” has its sound and handling. From an artistic point of view, they produce actions that display their quality in the rhythm and sound of their execution; they are dance and music simultaneously. The KEHRPARTITUR (score for sweeping) is the basis of every BesenBallettperformance and consists of various sweeping movements, which are the recurring audible and visible elements. Performance at every new place begins and ends with it. In between is room for variation, improvisation, and free sweeping.

The urban ground is mostly stone or asphalt. Action sites/play locations – where sweeping takes place – emphasize and amplify the sweeping sounds through their architectural form and surface. Urban space is experienced auditorily and in action as a dynamic living space. With BesenBallett, a new format has emerged in 2020 that is designed as a social sculpture.

katrinem [Katrin Emler] is a composer, sound and performance artist, walker and listener, based in Berlin (Germany). Since 2004, she has been working on the topic of walking in urban environments and its associated spatial perception. Many studies, experiments, and projects have been created under the title go your gait! With BasenBallett, a new format has emerged in 2020 that is designed as a social sculpture.

Participants: Tea Vidmar and the Ana Monro Theater (performed by members of Gledališki pevski zbor and Šugla Theater).