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Jasmina ZALOŽNIK: Footprints in a Desolate Landscape

Artist’s notebook of Jasmina Založnik, which was created during the work on the project Marko BATISTA: Vitreous Sky.

The multi-channel sound installation Vitreous Sky by the intermedia artist Marko Batista is a continuation of the artist’s unique artistic reflection and exploration of modern post-fact society in relation to technological progress, or simply the ties within the society-nature-technology, in the context of ecocritical discourse, environmental policies and pressing humanist concepts (nature, the Anthropocene, the capitalist colonial matrix, etc.). It is somewhat a continuance of the positions instituted by the artist in the  Fluid Particles of Volcanic Ash (Gallery 001, 2017). Through this apocalyptic sound-and-space installation, the viewer – despite the absence of the Anthropocene – indirectly faces its presence through a devastated landscape with nothing but traces of a few surviving (post)humanoids.

Link to the artist’s notebook in pdf.

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Footprints in a Desolate Landscape, as part of Marko Batista: Vitreous Sky

Text: Jasmina Založnik
Photo: Jaka Babnik, Marko Batista
Editing and translation: Melita Silič
Publisher: Cona, zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana, 2022
Book collection: Steklenik 2021/22 / 1
Print run: 200 copies
Not for sale

Artist: Marko Batista
Co-workers: Boštjan Čadež, Brane Ždralo, Boris Šaletić
Curated by: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
Organization: Irena Pivka, Ana Mizerit
Public relation: Katarina Radaljac, Mateja Lavrič
Venue: +MSUM, Maistrova 3, Ljubljana, hosts the work Vitreous Sky
The artwork was developed for Steklenik, gallery for sound, bioacoustucs and art.
Producer: Cona, zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti
Co-organization: Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova

Made available in pdf format at, on 1 January 2023.

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