Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Irena Pivka in Brane Zorman: garden GOround

AR soundwalk, 50 min
30 Jun and 1 Jul, at 19:30
Tomšič tree avenue, Ljubljana

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Photo: Matej Tomažin, CONA archive.

The speculative story of the soundwalk performance garden GOround points to the problematic relationship between people and plants, which is geared to mainly benefit people. The colonialism itself and the human-mediated dispersal of plants capitalize on the subjection and exploitation of nature. It is vital to radically change this attitude if we want to deal effectively with the existential threat of ecological crisis and contemplate a brighter scenario for the future. To become more familiar with the world of plants, garden GOround goes into the temporal dimension.

Through the prism of the journeys of these two utterly different temporalities of humans and plants, seemingly offering no possible point of encounter, it speculates on the development of a future, solidarity-based coexistence of humans and plants. Plants, the most populous species on the planet, live at their own pace in their own time, walking the paths we cannot access. garden GOround will take us along the paths of a possible future scenario for our overstressed, noisy planet mirrored through the development of local greenways. Can we learn from plants to build a more solidarity-oriented future?

Photo: Dardan Krasniqi, Teatri ODA archive.

The audience experiences the soundwalk through specially developed headphones used as a tool to speculate the world and the sonic landscape of the future. The world is getting too loud and harmful for our sensitive ears, which have failed to adapt to aggressive frequencies. To survive outdoors, we will need headphones that will both mute and sharpen the sound image and, at the same time, take us into the acoustic narrative. The headphones allow simultaneous listening to the actual ambient sound, the sound composition of the narrative, as well as the EMS ‘audification.’

Irena Pivka is an artist and producer. She works in the areas of new media, sound and performance arts. In recent years, she has been focusing her artistic expressions on the preparations of sound-walk performances, co-authored by Brane Zorman, which, by means of transmission tools and sound pictures, through walking and listening establish space anew and reflect social reality.

Brane Zorman is a composer, sound and radio artist. His work explores the possibilities of processing, presenting, perceiving, understanding, positioning and reinterpreting sound, space and ecology. By employing analogue and digital technologies and techniques, his work traverses the fields of music, multimedia, and visual space, using both sophisticated and simple tools, strategies, methods, and interactive interpretation models, soundscapes, evolving electronic and acoustic sound sculptures. In 2022, he was awarded the Palma Ars Acustica for his work Tree Spirits / The Touch.

Production: Cona, 2023, for the VITAL project.

VITAL is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme and supported by the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture.

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