Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Globoka hiša

Soundwalk (in Slovene), 60 min
Saturday, 23 Sep, 17:00 and 19:00
Cankarjev dom, main entrance

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The audio story Globoka hiša can be experienced during a guided walk along a predetermined route that connects the interior of the Cankarjev dom building with its location in the immediate surroundings. The story of the deep, sunken building opens up views on the architecture of Edvard Ravnikar and his colleagues on the construction.

The authors included in the audio story many quotes and thoughts of architects, as well as politicians and cultural figures connected with the construction of Cankarjev dom. It is interwoven with the poetry and drama of selected artists. A subtle and meaningful multi-layered audio walk, which outlines the period of construction and the architecture of the building itself in the context of the present, can enrich an engaged audience by exploring written sources and thus access to more in-depth knowledge.

The authors included many quotes and thoughts of architects, as well as politicians and cultural figures related to the construction of Cankarjev dom in the audio story, and it is interspersed with poetry and drama by selected artists. A subtle and semantically multi-layered audio walk, which in the context of the present outlines the time of construction and the architecture of the building itself, can be enriched by an engaged audience by researching written sources and thus gaining access to more in-depth knowledge.

The audio story touches on Ravnikar’s wider creative oeuvre. From designing Republic Square, a very demanding and long-term spatial intervention, to teaching work at the School of Architecture in Ljubljana. In his characteristic understanding of urban space, Ravnikar included many architects and students who, in dialogue with politicians and the wider profession, laid the foundation for high-quality spatial design in a modernist Mediterranean spirit.

The project was created on the occasion of Ravnikar’s year 2023.

Irena Pivka, artist and producer, works in a wider field of artistic creation within the Cona institute and runs Steklenik, a gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art. The primary focus of her artistic expression is the preparations of sound-walk performances, co-authored by Brane Zorman, which, by means of transmission tools and sound pictures, through walking and listening, establish space anew and reflect social reality.

Brane Zorman is an intermedia artist, composer, sound manipulator, producer and curator. He composes sound works for theatre, intermedia and dance performances. He performs electro-acoustic solo pieces and improvisations with local and foreign artists in surround sound. Working with sound and space, Zorman develops various strategies, techniques, dynamic and interactive modules, records and reinterprets soundscapes, and by way of sophisticated tools, he creates electronic and acoustic sound sculptures.


Design of the work and text: Irena Pivka
Design of the work and sound composition: Brane Zorman
Voice interpretation: Nada Vodušek, Robert Vrtovšek, Toni Cahunek, Jure Longika, Nataša Živkovič
Expert review of the text: dr. Bogo Zupančič, dr. Miloš Kosec
Expert review of technical descriptions: Karmen Klučar
Project manager: Saša Globačnik (Cankarjev dom)
Proofreading of the text: Melita Silič
Design: Edin Alibešter (Cankarjev dom)
Production: Cankarjev dom, September 2023 (on the occasion of Edvard Ravnikar’s birthday), for which Uršula Cetinski, general director