Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Boštjan PEROVŠEK: Interweaving Soundscapes

Tuesday, 20. 9. 2022, from 18:00 to 19:00, Marine Biology Station, as part of the 3rd Biotremology Conference
part of the international project Acoustic commons

foto: Roland MÜHLETHALER

Art work Interweaving Soundscapes is situated at the crossroads between science and art. In terms of sound art, scientific investigation of organismal vibrational behaviour (biotremology) is interesting as a sonic manifestation of animal activity; this sound mass can however, when specifically organised, also extend into the field of interspecies communication. Is it possible to restore the primordial unity between man and nature by way of sound? While the large part of the sound signals is imperceptible to us without proper equipment, we are nevertheless at every moment of the day immersed in the sound waves of this inaudible world. Interweaving Soundscapes presents a small stone in the mosaic of our understanding of the natural environment. It reveals the invisible world of sounds by way of unprocessed sounds made by insects (especially bugs) and spiders along a sound composition based on the same sound source that was later electroacoustically processed. Electronic processing adheres to selected natural sound sources as a symbiotic blend between the natural and the artificial. Spider webs have a special place in the exhibition.

The exhibition will include a live sound event, which will focus on a variety of raw sounds of spiders and insects, which also form the basis of the work Interweaving Soundscapes Boštjan PEROVŠEK will modulate these sounds live, thus offering listeners a more direct insight into his experience of the sounds of these living beings.

musician, composer and sound designer works in the field of experimental bioacoustic music. His special area of interest is bioacoustic music based on animal sounds, especially insects. He collaborates closely with the experimental music group SAETA and is creating music for film, theatre, performance art, multimedia installations as well as soundscapes for museums and galleries.

We would like to thank dr. Klemen ČADNEK from Department of Organisms and Ecosystems Research (National Institute of Biology) for the help with recording at the Cona Institute Studio.
We would like to thank the Computer Vision Laboratory from The Faculty of Computer and Information Science of the University of Ljubljana for processing GPS data on the movement of individual persons (who voluntarily submitted data for participation in the project). GPS tracks, that enable the control of the movement of individual persons, were converted with deep neural networks into MIDI format. In this way the movement of selected persons was sonified.

Sound recordings made possible with use of Studio Tomas Saraceno’s techniques and have inspired ‘interspecific musical compositions’.


5. Jul – 24. Jul 2021 Glavni trg, Novo Mesto
konS = MODUL

Tuesday 3 Nov 2020 at 18.00 p.m. on 88.8 MHz – in-situ FM walk (at Park Tivoli)
part of the IFCA

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Tuesday 22 Sep 2020:
6 p.m. Roland MÜHLETHALER, PhD: Spider mapping tour and soundwalk
8 p.m. live sound event

Event is the part of 8-channel sound instalation Interweaving Soundscapes being on display from 19 September until 6 November 2020

Artist: Boštjan PEROVŠEK
Scientist: Roland MÜHLETHALER PhD
Spiders present at the exhibition: Araneus diadematus
Artistic design of instalation: Irena PIVKA
**Video and photos: Miha GODEC
Curation and organisation: Irena PIVKA, Brane ZORMAN
Translation and editing: Katja KOSI 
Public relations: Matej TOMAŽIN
Production: Cona, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, 2020
Venue: Steklenik, Gallery for Sound, Bioacoustics and Art
Instalation was created within the project konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art

Project konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art is a project chosen on the public call for the selection of the operations “Network of Investigative Art and Culture Centres”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.