Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

Amanda Gutiérrez: Sono-soro[walks]

Soundwalk, 60 min
Part of the 29th City of Women Festival

Tuesday, 3 Oct, at 20:30 in 21:30
ŠKUC Gallery

Registration required

Part of the 29th City of Women Festival
Opening: Tuesday, 3 Oct, at 20:00, untill 14 Oct 2023
ŠKUC Gallery

Photo: Carla Motto.

The series of Sono-soro[walks] approach walking diversity of situated experiences from women and LGBTIQ+2 persons walking at night. Sono-soro[walks] aims to be a collaborative night walk experience enacted from a sound score explored through a group workshop.

The project’s primary goal is to connect intersectional feminist agencies that engage in the political acts of collective listening and sounding. The Sono-soro[walks] invites women and LGTBQ+2 individuals who will co-create a site-specific sound Augmented Reality soundwalk. Participants will design the AR soundwalk by planning the route and geolocation based on personal experiences and connections with Ljubljana.

For the soundwalk premiere, we invite the public to participate in a night event, listening, amplifying, and walking collectively the audiowalk created on the Echoes Platform.

Amanda Gutiérrez (b. 1978, Mexico City) explores the experience of political listening and gender studies by bringing into focus soundwalking practices. Trained and graduated initially as a stage designer from The National School of Theater, Gutiérrez uses a range of digital media tools to investigate everyday life aural agencies and collective identities. Approaching these questions from aural perspectives continues to be of particular interest to Gutiérrez, who completed her MFA in Media and Performance Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Realised with the financial support of Concordia University, the soundwalk is a coproduction with the City of Women Festival.