Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

The Sklenik gallery’s programme focuses primarily on sound, bioacoustics and art and addresses works that connect artistic and scientific practices through sound research of nature and the environment and explore the fields of bioacoustics, sound ecology and sound art. Together with our artists, we have established a space for creating, researching and experiencing sound artworks and nature. Thus we place the concept of the greenhouse in an expanded field of curated spaces, which in addition to providing suitable conditions for growth, research and the admiration of botanical organisms, offers a unique context for experiencing various forms of sound art.

The founder of the Steklenik Gallery is the CONA institute, a non-governmental organisation that works in the public interest in the field of culture. Their main activities are (post)production and promotion of intermedia and sound art in connection with nature, environment and sound. With the goal of socially and ecologically responsible cultural collaboration, they collaborate with recognised and established national and international artists and institutions in the fields of bioacoustics, sound ecology, radio art and sound art.

From its founding in 2018, the gallery’s program was hosted in the Tivoli greenhouse until 2022, as part of a cooperation with the Botanical Garden of the University of Ljubljana. Now, the Steklenik Gallery regularly collaborates with various cultural and scientific institutions in Slovenia, such as: Center for Urban Culture Kino Šiška, Institute of Museums and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana (MG+MSUM, Cukrarna), Kresija Gallery, International centre of graphic arts, Kibla Association for Culture and Education, Sežana Botanical Gardens, etc.

The programme of the Staklenik Gallery is supported by the City Municipality of Ljubljana, Department of Culture, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, and partially by the European Union, as par of the Creative Europe program.

Brane ZORMAN / director, producer, program leader and sound engineer


Irena PIVKA / artistic director and producer

Matej TOMAŽIN / PR, producer, designer, photographer and videographer


Concept, management and curation: Irena PIVKA, Brane ZORMAN
Production and organisation: Irena PIVKA, Matej TOMAŽIN
Public relations: Matej TOMAŽIN
Design: Matej TOMAŽIN, Vesna BUKOVEC
Web design: Vesna BUKOVEC, Matej TOMAŽIN

Translations and language editing: Melita SILIČ, Jana Reneé WILCOXEN
Web administration: Vesna BUKOVEC
Photography and video: Miha GODEC, Sunčan STONE, Matej TOMAŽIN
Cover illustration: Sanja ŽAGAR

Production: CONA, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing