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Manja Ristić: Sonic Ontology of Negligence

Artist’s notebook which was created during the work on the project Sonic Ontology of Negligence.

In the process of conceptualizing Sonic Ontology of negligence, Manja Ristić resided in places that were heavily exploited and forever changed by the human urge to build, comprising thousand years-old quarries as well as present-day mega-structures, abandoned as a result of corruption and consumerist socio-political turmoil. The nucleus of the compositional structure is devoted to abandoned construction building site of the Stožice mega-structure, while layers of mnemopoetic sonic imprints are derived from an old lime-stone quarries from the island of Korčula in South Dalmatia, but also abandoned mineral mines and lime pits from Fruška gora in Vojvodina, North Serbia, and other sites such is the military compound placed in the middle of the Avala forest in the suburbs of Belgrade.

Link to the artist’s notebook in pdf.

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