Galerija za zvok, bioakustiko in umetnost / Gallery for sound, bioacustics and art

“add to backpack” – extended edition

On our website it is now possible to purchase Steklenik gallery products in a special gift package

Sound booklets with compositions that have been hosted in the Steklenik Gallery so far, artist’s books with which we can delve into the conceptualization of their works, a notebooks from recycled exhibition posters, which are indispensable for writing down ideas born while wandering around …

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Sound booklet Steklenik 2018/2019
Sound booklet Steklenik 2019/2020
Sound booklet Steklenik 2020/2021

Manja Ristić: Sonic Ontology of Negligence
notebooks from recycled exhibition posters of Steklenik gallery
Jez riley French & Pheobe riley Law: ísland | fjórar – the crystal detector
Brane Zorman: The Tree Spirits | Touch
Jasmina Založnik: In Search of a Multi_dimensional Life: Decolonization of Presence